Water seems to have a way of getting in when you want to keep it out. The effects of flooding can be far reaching and cause damage that you never contemplated. Homeowners whose homes have been flooded can incur physical damage to real and personal property, relocation costs, the loss of use of their property, and perhaps most significantly, the decrease in their property’s value.

Flooding can occur for a multitude of reasons, but the emotional toll it takes on a homeowner is universal. Jorgensen & Salberg is keenly aware of the issues that arise when homeowners suffer a flood. Because of our experience and in-depth understanding of the legal, hydrological, and financial factors at play in flooding and inverse condemnation cases, we have become Southern California’s leading advocates for victims of flooding.

When the negligence of a City, County, or other person or entity causes your property to flood, you must know exactly what you’re up against, what you need to do, and how to get it done.