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Mini Pinscher Snaps on First Grader

Huntington Beach, CA – B. Mason still lives with physical and emotional scars from the day she was bit in the face by a mini doberman pinscher. Mason, who was in first grade at the time, was playing at her friend’s house on the day of the accident. Mason’s family describes her as a “curious [...]

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Handy Worker Loses Hand to Negligence

Santa Ana, CA— November 30, 2013 began like any other day for Mr. Ortega. Ortega was a successful maintenance worker in the Orange County area. At 7:00am, he arrived at the house he was assigned to work on that day. John Doe, his partner, helped him unload some tools from his truck and then left [...]

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Pitbull Tears Lip Off Huntington Beach Man

Huntington Beach, CA – John Doe, 46, was enjoying drinks in his friend’s living room last February when he was viciously attacked by the family’s pit bull. The owner of the pitbull, M. Harry, had stepped into the garage to grab more refreshments for his company. While he was outside, his dog, Blue, became aggressive [...]

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$100,000 Settlement for Passenger Injured In Drunk Driver’s Car

Facts Our client and the defendant were both minors at the time of the accident.  Our client and the defendant were at an underage nightclub.  During the course of the evening, our client and the defendant would periodically go to his car in the parking lot and drink alcohol.  Towards the end of the night, [...]

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