Huntington Beach, CA – B. Mason still lives with physical and emotional scars from the day she was bit in the face by a mini doberman pinscher.

Mason, who was in first grade at the time, was playing at her friend’s house on the day of the accident. Mason’s family describes her as a “curious and loving” kid, who always wanted to pet every dog she met. While at her friend’s house, she noticed the family dog sleeping on the couch and wanted to pet him. The dog was known to be friendly.

Mason walked up to the mini pinscher and stretched her hand out to pet him. The dog woke suddenly and snapped at Mason, biting into her face. The bite tore into her cheek and left a 2-inch gash.

Mason was taken to a nearby hospital where the right side of her face was stitched up. Mason suffered physical and emotional trauma from the incident, and had to miss several days of school. Mason became terrified of dogs and experienced self-esteem issues from being ridiculed about her facial scar. Doctors claim the scar may later require cosmetic surgery.

Mason’s family retained Jorgensen & Salberg, LLP to recover medical expenses and emotional damages. Upon proving the extent of Mason’s suffering from the dog bite, a settlement of $300,000 was reached.

Mason’s family has put the money into a savings account that will be used for Mason’s college tuition.