San Jacinto, CA – The District Attorney opted not to file charges today against a San Jacinto man whose wife claimed false allegations of domestic violence. Sandberg, 38, had been married to his wife for 13 years when he learned of his wife’s extramarital affairs. While having a discussion with his wife about her affairs, she suddenly became enraged. Mr. Sandberg attempted to calm her down but her anger only escalated. His wife grabbed his cell phone and raised it above her head, threatening to destroy it. Mr. Sandberg reached for her wrist to prevent her from destroying the phone. Upon doing so, Mrs. Sandberg dropped the phone and called 911 to report domestic violence. When the police arrived Mrs. Sandberg falsely claimed that her husband had attacked her. Mr. Sandberg was arrested on domestic violence charges.

Mr. Sandberg, a UPS Teamster, is the primary financial supporter of his family. Sandberg recalls, “I knew I couldn’t go to jail for two reasons: I never hurt my wife and my family needs me.” He immediately called and retained Jorgensen and Salberg, LLP to fight his case.

As the premier firm on the Teamster Panel Legal Counsel, Jorgensen and Salberg serves various locals of Teamsters including 952, 63, and 396. Sandberg relayed, “Many of my union brothers from 952 have mentioned this firm is the best. They really take care of Teamsters. So I knew I was in good hands.”

Jeffrey Salberg, partner of the firm, worked patiently to get Mrs. Sandberg to recant her false statements. She agreed to sign a letter retracting her statements against her husband. In a meeting with the District Attorney, Salberg was able to prove that Mrs. Sandberg had made up the abuse in a moment of anger. Taking into consideration the lack of credible evidence, the District Attorney decided not to file charges against Mr. Sandberg.

Following the incident, the couple sought counseling through UPS Teamster benefits. Jorgensen and Salberg’s Family Law attorney Alexander Lopez will advise the couple on how to proceed should they require legal mediation.

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*Names have been changed for client confidentiality.