SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – A San Bernardino couple was awarded a $40,000 settlement today after their landlord exposed them to unhealthy conditions including dust mites, bacteria and microbial contamination, fungal contamination and mold growth.

John moved his family into an Ontario apartment in June 2014. Shortly after moving in, Doe realized the apartment was not what the landlord had represented. The apartment was continually invaded by insects, including termites, cockroaches, and spiders. The presence of termites was so extensive that a fumigator insisted that the house needed to be tented immediately.

After tenting the house, Doe and his family continued to experience issues with the apartment. Faucets throughout the house continuously leaked, cabinets were falling apart and the doors had to be screwed back onto the cabinets on multiple occasions. Dirt, debris, and mold were present throughout the entire premises. It became apparent that the landlord merely painted over existing problems to conceal them from Doe.

Despite reporting all of the above problems and defects to the landlord and requesting that they be repaired, the landlord took no such action. For months, the landlord and property management forced Doe and his family to live in uninhabitable conditions.

Even though the apartment was in a state of disrepair when Doe moved in, the landlord served Doe with a 30 Day Notice to Quit and forced him and his family to move out of the apartment.

The Doe family retained Jorgensen & Salberg, LLP as legal counsel for their claim. A lawsuit was filed against the landlord and property management company for breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation. After the Doe family was forced to live in an uninhabitable apartment and then wrongfully evicted, justice was finally found. Months of negotiations and fighting for tenant rights culminated in a settlement of $40,000. Jane Doe said that she hopes her case will make other landlords “think twice before trying to manipulate their renters.”

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