Orange County, CA – Jorgensen and Salberg, LLP recovers over $10,000 for Orange County couple whose taxes were negligently filed.

An Orange County couple found themselves paying $10,000 in tax penalties and late fees after their tax agents negligently prepared and filed their taxes. The couple hired a tax preparer and a tax agent to prepare their 2014 taxes. The tax agent did not disclose that she was unlicensed. The couple owned two businesses, and entrusted their tax preparers to correctly file expenses for each business. Unfortunately, the Plantiff’s medical expenses were itemized in the wrong deduction category. As a result, the IRS notified the parties of a tax deficiency.

Upon discovering the deplorable error made by their tax agent and preparer, the Plantiff’s sought Jorgensen and Salberg’s assistance in suing the Defendants and recovering all fees. The tax agent who was found to be practicing without a license admitted to incorrectly filing the couple’s taxes for the 2014 year.

Richard Jorgensen was able to prove evidence of professional negligence. The totality of tax fees wrongly paid by his client were fully recovered.

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