Whatever your family law issue is, the attorneys at Jorgensen & Salberg are here dedicated to serving you.  As one of our clients, you can be confident that your legal team is there to protect your best interests. Family law is the most emotional area of law because it revolves around your family.  This is why the attorneys at Jorgensen & Salberg combine legal expertise with sensitivity to the emotions and feelings of their clients.

Schedule a consultation with one of our family law attorneys today and start working towards a resolution immediately. (First Read: Preparing for Your Initial Consultation). Our attorneys have experience in the following issues:

  1. Divorce, Legal Separation, & Annulment
  2. Litigation
  3. Property Division
  4. Child Custody & Support
  5. Spousal Support
  6. Paternity Issues
  7. Helping Victims of Domestic Violence
  8. Domestic Partnerships & Same-Sex Family Issues