Child custody is often the most critical part of a divorce proceeding and the most difficult process to experience. At Jorgensen & Salberg we are sensitive to this fact and fight hard to make the process work for its clients. We listen to each client’s priorities and concerns, so that we can accurately articulate and address your wishes to the court.

In California, the judicial officer will follow the child support laws (“guideline”) to decide how much child support should be ordered. A child’s living arrangements are based on what is best for that child. Determining the child’s “best interest” is at the heart of custody litigation. Jorgensen & Salberg fights aggressively to present its clients in their most favorable light and protect children into from being drawn into the acrimony that surrounds most divorce cases.

Changing economics and changing custody or visitation arrangements frequently result in the need or entitlement for a change in support arrangements. Child support orders are modifiable “at any time as the court deems necessary.”Even if the parties have agreed that support may not be modified, child support may be modified at any time to the mandatory statewide child support guidelines. Call us to learn more about child support modification.

In reaching a child custody agreement, many people don’t know where to start. It can be difficult to move beyond the emotions and come to consensus. Our experienced attorneys will guide you through the process in a reassuring manner. We carefully explain the rights, laws, and the legal procedure to each client, so that they fully understand the process. Below are some links that will help you with some of the essential issues in the legal process: