Last week in Saint Louis, Missouri, a UPS driver was recognized for her act of random kindness. UPS Driver Patricia Hall-Hill has been a driver for 21 years, and last Tuesday she was waved down by a man in a wheelchair. His electric wheelchair stopped working on the sidewalk, and he needed a push to get home. The man explained to Patricia that he needed help for a while, and that even after asking multiple other people- nobody stopped to help.

Patricia, of course, didn’t think twice before helping the man get home.

The next day, Patricia was greeted by each of her deliveries with flowers and cards. She was confused- until she realized a kind neighbor had snapped a picture of her helping with the wheelchair.

A few days later, another UPS driver saved a young boy who got stuck under a large package. A ring video camera caught a young boy trapped under a package, and the UPS driver who sprinted over from across the street to save him! Driver Marco Angel raced from his truck to remove the 40-pound package that trapped the four-year-old boy. The young boy was not injured, just a little bit scared. Angel explained that he went into “full Dad mode” after hearing the young boy cry for help after the package accidentally fell on top of him. We are happy he did!

Neither Patricia Hall-Hill or Marco Angel knew they were being watched by neighbors, but both were rewarded for their great acts of kindness.

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