Riverside, CA – Jorgensen & Salberg, LLP has filed a lawsuit against BMW of North America for selling a Riverside woman a defective vehicle.

After purchasing a brand new BMW 750 LI in August of 2013, the Plaintiff, Ms. Ortiz, noticed the oil light begin to illuminate. She took the vehicle back to BMW and the oil was topped off. She subsequently encountered the same problem five more times, along with two additional visits for a tire pressure check and realignment. Throughout the following months, Ms. Ortiz noted that her car simply just “never drove right” and she had a feeling that she was sold a defective vehicle.

Ms. Ortiz continued to drive her vehicle hoping that the problem would self-correct after multiple services at BMW. Ultimately, Ms. Ortiz’s new vehicle was serviced a total of eight times before she had even owned it one year. At this point, Ms. Ortiz was well aware that she was sold a “lemon.”

Jorgensen and Salberg, LLP found that this nonconformity was a violation of the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and the Tanner Consumer Protection Act. As such, we demanded the Plaintiff be fully reimbursed by BMW of North America for the total damages incurred. BMW agreed to the proposed settlement and Ms. Ortiz was able to exchange her defective vehicle.

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