San Bernardino, CA –  Alexander Lopez of Jorgensen and Salberg, LLP was successfully able to bring children home from their abusive father this week.

After an alcoholic father obtained sole legal and physical custody orders, the children were taken from their mother and maternal grandparents. The grandparents had been their primary caretakers for the vast majority of their lives. The children claimed that their biological father made threats to them and drank excessively. However, the children were too young to oppose the custody orders. The father also refused to let the children contact their maternal grandparents.

abusive father grandparents

Jorgensen and Salberg, LLP was retained by the maternal grandparents to regain custody of the children. After exposing the father’s drug and alcohol addictions, the judge ruled that he was unfit for sole and physical custody of the children.

Mr. Lopez, the firm’s leading Family Law attorney, was able to prove that legal guardianship should rightfully be granted to the maternal grandparents. After months of living in fear, the children were safely returned home.

The children were so grateful to be back in the care of their grandparents that they created a banner saying, “Thank you Alex for bringing us home.” The photo (right) was sent to Mr. Lopez.

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