San Bernardino, CA – Jorgensen and Salberg, LLP fulfills late mother’s wish of placing children in the custody of maternal grandparents.

A San Bernardino mother’s dying wish was that her children be placed with their grandparents. The mother was suffering from a chronic illness and had only six months left to live. Knowing her time was limited, she sought effective and experienced legal counsel. Jorgensen and Salberg, LLP was retained to establish the guardianship. Family Law Attorney Alexander Lopez was assigned to the case. The children’s father, who had a history of drug and alcohol abuse as well as a criminal history, objected to the mother’s request. He sought to obtain sole legal and physical custody of the children, despite his recent release from prison. The mother, despite her dwindling time, was determined to have her children be placed in a safe home environment.  Mr. Lopez worked with the mother through every step of the case, even while she was hospitalized.

Mr. Lopez worked diligently to ensure that the children would be safely placed in the custody of their maternal grandparents. After proving the father was unfit for guardianship, the court denied the father’s objection. Fortunately, the court granted legal guardianship of the children to their maternal grandparents.