May 7, 2016 – A motorcyclist remains in the hospital with traumatic injuries after being struck by a Ford F150 on Highway 74 in Homeland, CA.

The violent collision occurred at 4:14 AM, west of Juniper Flats Road. The rider, identified as 46-year-old Jason Merrell, was heading to work at his job with UPS in Anaheim, CA.

The driver of the Ford F150 was traveling in the eastbound lane when he suddenly made a left turn into a dirt driveway, striking the motorcyclist who was driving in the westbound lane. Although the truck made a legal left turn, the driver did not yield to the oncoming motorcyclist.

Merrell recalls he did not have time to slow down before he broadsided the Ford F150. His motorcycle sustained major damage and he was propelled from his bike into the street.

Riverside County Fire and emergency first responders arrived at the scene minutes after the 911 call was placed to report the traffic collision.

Emergency personnel located a totaled motorcycle and rider lying in the westbound lanes. Several witnesses to the accident were providing aid and comfort to Merrell, who was reportedly alert as he was talking with paramedics.

Merrell was rushed via ambulance to Inland Valley Medical Center in serious condition. He is currently being treated for a femur fracture, dislocated shoulder, neck and back injuries. Merrell will need to have a metal rod surgically inserted into his leg.

Merrell is a UPS Teamster who has retained premier Teamster law firm Jorgensen & Salberg, LLP to represent his personal injury case.