Riverside, CA – Jorgensen and Salberg, LLP increases visitation time for father of three.

A San Bernardino father was banned from seeing his minor children after the mother placed a restraining order against him. An investigation revealed that the restraining order was not based on any real threat of danger. The mother had originally requested the order due to an emotional stigma she held toward the father resulting from their divorce. The mother claimed that her ex-husband had issues with anger management that made her feel threatened. These claims were essentially unsupported.

The restraining order prevented the father from even picking his children up from school or attending their soccer games. After one year of trying to convince his ex-wife to drop the order, the father decided to pursue legal action. Attorney Alexander Lopez worked hard to negotiate with the mother to drop the restraining order in return for the father completing anger management, alcohol classes, and counseling. Ultimately, both parties were able to reach an amicable resolution to allow for co-parenting.

Mr. Lopez was able to obtain immediate visitation for the father, and after successful participation in the aforementioned classes, he will be granted a step-up in visitation time.