San Bernardino, CA – Son gets to spend first Christmas with father and sibling in several years thanks to Jorgensen and Salberg, LLP.

A San Bernardino father was being denied from visitation with his child for several years after his divorce. The father voluntarily dropped his petition to terminate guardianship and was making a serious effort to reconnect with his child. The mother begrudgingly refused to let the son contact his father. After three years of no visitation, the father decided to pursue legal action. Jorgensen and Salberg, LLP was retained to unify the father with his child.

Attorney Alexander Lopez was assigned to the case. Mr. Lopez was able to prove that the father posed no harm to the son. He asserted that the father had a legal right to visitation with his son. Ultimately, the court ruled in favor of the father. He was ecstatic to learn that Jorgensen and Salberg obtained a step-up visitation plan for him to see his child weekly.

Attorney Alex Lopez was able to obtain orders for a regular visitation schedule, holiday schedule, and a step-up visitation process. The child was able to spend the holidays with his father and sibling for the first time in years.