San Bernardino, CA – Stepfather adopted son in successful stepparent adoption case.

Attorney Alexander Lopez, of Jorgensen and Salberg, LLP, helped a stepfather become an official “Dad” after the biological father neglected to engender a relationship with his child.

The stepfather had been acting as a de facto father for several years in the absence of the biological father. An investigation revealed that the biological father moved out of the State of California. Since birth, he did not maintain any contact with his child.

For legal and personal reasons, the stepfather wished to obtain the legal role of his stepson’s father. He retained Jorgensen and Salberg, LLP to pursue legal action. The biological father was found and asked to terminate his parental rights. The biological father did not object. Fortunately, Mr. Lopez was able to successfully complete the stepparent adoption.

There are many benefits to stepparent adoption, namely, the extension of medical rights and benefits.

Stepparent Adoption Process

A step parent adoption is a relatively simple procedure. The stepparent will need to get a criminal background check and be fingerprinted. A home study, in which a social worker comes to your home and talks to you and then writes a report, must be completed. There are court costs and filing fees. It is possible to do a step parent adoption on your own, but the process is simpler if you use an attorney who can handle all the paperwork for you.

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